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Fits Caterpillar 156-6473 C & D Series Excavator Front Lower Glass

Fits Caterpillar 156-6473 C & D Series Excavator Front Lower Glass

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One New Aftermarket Replacement Front Lower Glass

Fits Caterpillar Models: 322C, 325C FM, 322C FM, 312D2 GC, 320D, 322C, 312C L, 330D L, 325D L, 320D GC, 320C, 329D, 336D2 XE, 312D2, 340D L, 325D, 345C, 329D2 L, 330C FM, 329D L, 315C, 320D2 L, 325C, 323D L, 320D L, 325C L, 349D L, 319D L, 318D2 L, 312C, 324D L, 313F GC, 318C, 320D2 GC, 311D LRR, 336D2 L, 320C FM, 349D2, 336D, 318D L ,336D2 LXE, 330C L, 320D LRR, 336D2, 311C, 345D L ,330D, 318F L, 320D2, 349D, 313F LGC, 313D2, 312D, 320D FM, 330C, 324D, 312D2 L, 312D L, 311F LRR, 320D LN, 336D L, 326D2 L, 349D2 L, 313D, 320D RR, 315D L, 312F GC, 336D2 GC, 320C L, 319D LN, 329D2, 345D, 307D, 307C

75/25 split. Make sure this is the variation you need before ordering.
Measurements: 5 mm Thick , 831 mm Wide , 403 mm Height
DOT Certified , Green Tinted , Tempered Glass

Replaces Part Number: 156-6473

Models This Part Fits:

311C, 311D, 312C, 312CL, 312D, 312DL, 315C, 315CL, 315DL, 318CL, 318CLN, 320, 320D, 320DL, 345C

Additional Information:

Front Lower Glass

Reference Numbers:

1566473, 1566473-A

Makes This Part Fits:

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Product Category:

Construction Replacement Parts
Construction Replacement Parts

Product Group:

Cab Parts Replacement Parts

Product Sub Group:

Glass Replacement Parts
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